Women’s Annual Crestone Retreat 2014

The Brilliance of Venus & The Yogic Realization of Pink August 26th – August, 31st 2014 Crestone Mountain Zen Center Crestone, Colorado   Calling All Yoginis As the star, Venus, ...

Buddhayana Yoga Digital Downloads – Now for iPad, iPhone, Android & Kindle

Buddhayana Yoga: The Yogic Art of Sitting, Standing, & Walking Over 13 Hours of Yoga Practice Available for iPad, iPhone, Android & Kindle   In the Zen tradition it is ...

The Yoga of Faith: Embodiment Practice for Difficult Times

In this rare interview with hatha yoga master Sofia Diaz, we go beyond words into the actual felt-sense of faith. How do we access love during difficult times? What happens ...

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A 3-Minute Yogic Meditation with Sofia Diaz

Need a boost? Forgot how to breathe? Only have 3 minutes? We got what you need to help “turn the page” of self-contraction. Relax your feet into the blessing that they are. The Buddha Nature of your being imprints a blessing through your feet all the time. You are resting in an instant of lifetimes […]

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International Thanksgiving Give-Away Practice 2012

Yes, indeed…All you pie-bakin’, joy-makin’, foot-draggin’, bright-practicin’ yogis and yoginis, the third annual Thanksgiving give-away, curve-of-the-earth practice will be had and we’ll kick off America’s Turkey Day with international gratitude! Best of all, this Thanksgiving cyber-yoga practice is Free, Free, Free! In honor of all of our efforts to love and celebrate family AND in […]

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