Women’s Annual Crestone Retreat with Sofia Diaz

Slipping into Simplicity:
The Sanity of Retreat as Woman

The 15th Annual Women’s Yoga Retreat with Sofia Diaz

August 4 – August, 9, 2015

Crestone Mountain Zen Center
Crestone, Colorado

Ever had so much fall away, internally or externally, that walking on slimy banana peels or a sheet of ice would feel safe in comparison?

Ever wanted so much to fall away that carrying the Empire State Building on the top of your head would seem light in comparison to what feels there?

Ever wondered about the warp and woof of ease and difficulty and how much is ‘enlightening’ and how much is ‘error’?

What if crisis versus perfection, IS the artistry of the Universe?

It is time to marvel, for us, for our whole world that crisis means growth, not error or failure. And more importantly there is magic and support and deep, deeply proven wisdom to weather small or large crisis into the ‘Bearable Light of Being’.

A secret for us and for our world is RETREAT. Being ‘re-framed’ by periodic, formulaic participation in the rare air of exquisite nature, great company, bodily opening and DEEP silence, with the added leap of LETTING GO into GOODNESS. This also can be a ‘practice run’, the carving of a ‘truth-groove’ for how we might aim ourselves into wisdom and being wisdom resources rather than degradation in the later years of our life, our actions being digested for us while new ones arise out of the space and The Space we allow.

For we women, it is slipping into the luscious lingerie of our own true skin, our intuited depth of feeling naturally returns, with unexpected answers and new-born revelations of un-efforted celebration of life. With our yearning familiarity with the vastness of our own BEING saturated, the sanity of fearless Love returns and spontaneous, certain wisdom becomes the ground upon which we not only stand, WE DANCE, for every and no reason, internally and externally.

Come drop away and into Real Yoga, Nourishing Silence, Great Company, the Touch of sublime nature and each other.  Let the Milky Way’s revelation in the clear skies of Crestone rehabilitate the perfect artistry of Who you Are, Who you are designed to be and the vast enjoyment of being alive and challenged in this exact time and place as the Gift that you are already shining in all directions before you even do a single thing.

A little necessary background, please read on………

The first two years of this retreat were outlandishly powerful, surprisingly blessed, shockingly attended by women of all ages and many countries. Nonetheless, the third year, the most amazing Patroness and manifestor of this retreat, beloved Mersedeh Kheradmand, was unable to orchestrate it, and I, Sofia Ophelia Diaz, was, as usual, too swamped to do it by myself, so, I was going to let it slip by.

God knows how, but the two eldest women, wise-women practitioners who had both attended a previous retreat in honor of their birthdays, found out and called me. They both energetically reached thru the phone, took me by the ear, shook me and said (in so many words but almost identically with out even knowing each other),” you cannot let this pass, it is not about you, it is about women registering a different possibility about themselves, their wisdom, the value of their lives in a new way, that we may all look toward a new way to participate in all ages with each other, but especially look to live the latter parts of our lives out of joy, wisdom, generosity of wisdom, beauty and abundant healing to our dying breaths.”

So, this year is a return and a profound ode and prayer to this calling and thus, this may be the last year this retreat happens in this exact way, in this exact location. It is time for me, Sofia O. to let go of the way I have held everything in order to open the space for how and what needs to manifest rather than carrying all that has wanted to manifest thru me, on my back, like a big, phat, old turtle. Time for me to put the shell on the ground, let my innards and backwards get some sun and find out what structure can hold the marvel of our majestic practice. Beloved Women, you have carved a groove of grace that has resounded universes with your ruthless love-growth-nakedness into highly spiritualized and awake yoginis, dakinis, earth mamas, sisters, mothers, daughters, Lovers, Goddesses. On behalf of our universe, I THANK YOU.


I personally invite you to come and let go into the simplicity of a dandelion field that needs to be blown to the winds to land, plant and flower MORE magic for our precious lives and times. Lets slip into and slather on the healing balm of retreat and re-trust! As we continue to kiss all of manifestation with our unstoppable Love, let’s allow the next gathering to reveal itself by letting go of everything, together one more time in celebration of each other and the un-nameable beauty of Divine Recognition that ever brought us to practice together in the first place.

With oodles of Love, Gratitude and excitement!


What Others are Saying…

“This sacred retreat ignites the power of transformation. Sofia holds a container that is so strong during these retreats, I find myself mining depths of my being that are not possible under most circumstances. I have done this retreat seven times – and each time is exquisitely different. Through a cast of ritual, practice and presence, Sofia shines her particular genius for noticing the deepest of points of avoidance, resistance and/or emotional muck within her students. She literally lays a path for opening and growth, which it is up to us to explore. The experience of a retreat with Sofia at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center carries the potent of magic.”Nikki Dunas, Crestone, CO

“Being with Sofia and the work she entices out of our depths is such a nourishing experience, shared with the loving presence and process of all the women that come together in Crestone under the magical dome of poetic devotion to life.” Una Laffan, United Kingdom

“I most cherish Sofia. She is a living diety, a fierce heart and gentle soul who meets whomever she is interacting with every cell alert and alive. She inspires me every day to do yoga. I can’t wait to see her and the other women again.”Susan Black, MC Kean, PA

“It’s amazing what Sofia can do. It’s what she constantly does with opposites…she’s one of the few spiritual teachers who incorporates the downsides of life with the upsides, who doesn’t do inter-spiritual Kumba Ya, who combines strength with ethics, who doesn’t hide but is present and real. I need a booster shot.” Joanne Rubin, NY, NY


Crestone Mountain Zen Center is a Zen Buddhist monastery and retreat center located in the mountains of southwest Colorado. CMZC was founded in 1988 by Zentatsu Baker Roshi, Dharma Heir of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and Head Teacher of Dharma Sangha.


12-3pm | Arrival & Registration
4-5:30pm | Yoga
5:30-7pm | Dinner
7-9pm | Introduction & Welcome


7-9am | Yoga
9:30-10:30am | Breakfast
10:30-12:30pm | Nature time, hiking, journaling, visiting sacred sites & temples in Crestone.
12:30-1:30pm | Lunch
1:30-2:30pm | Private Sessions with Sofia
4-5:30pm | Yoga
5:30-6:30pm | Dinner
7-9pm Evening | Experientials


7-9am | Yoga
9:30-10:30am | Breakfast
10:30-12:30pm | Nature time, hiking, journaling, visiting sacred sites & temples in Crestone.
12:30-1:30pm | Lunch
1:30-2:30pm | Private Sessions with Sofia
4-5:30pm | Yoga
5:30-6:30pm | Dinner
7-9pm | Evening Experientials


7-9am | Yoga
9:30-10:30am | Breakfast
10:30-12:30pm | Nature time, hiking, journaling, visiting sacred sites & temples in Crestone.
12:30-1:30pm | Lunch
1:30-2:30pm | Private Sessions with Sofia
4-5:30pm | Yoga
5:30-6:30pm | Dinner
7-9pm | Evening Experientials


7-9am | Yoga
9:30-10:30am | Breakfast
10:30-12:30pm | Nature time, hiking, journaling, visiting sacred sites & temples in Crestone.
12:30-1:30pm | Lunch
1:30-2:30pm | Private Sessions with Sofia
4-5:30pm | Yoga
5:30-6:30pm | Dinner
7-9pm | Evening Experientials


7:30-8:30am | Breakfast, Nature Time & Journaling
9:30-11:30am | Final Yoga Circle
12:30-1:30pm | Snack Lunch, End of Retreat, Departure

About Crestone

In Crestone, the stillness and vibrancy of nature becomes as obvious as the nature of our bodies. Crestone is situated in a very sacred valley at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains honored by the Native Americans indigenous to this area. It is home to many spiritual centers, and is a very powerful place for healing, transformation & regeneration. At the elevation of eight thousand feet, the air is thinner & the sun brighter with occasional afternoon showers.

About Sofia Diaz

Sofia Diaz is a hatha yoga master, a lineage holder in the Balasaraswati lineage of the South Indian temple arts and a recipient of numerous meditation empowerments in both Tibetan and Shakta Tantric traditions . She turns the body wisdom practices she is empowered in into accessible teachings and practices for the modern western mind. Being an inspired woman practitioner, the rigors of her practice have resulted in great clarity and expertise in the domain of Feminine Spiritual practice, which she has been generously teaching for 27 years. She has published writings on yoga and sacred movement in both academic and popular journals and travels frequently, teaching women’s yoga intensives throughout the world.


Ticket type Remaining Price Register
Dorm (3 to a room) $1195

Studio (6 in a room) 1 $1095

Camping (15 in the dome) 12 $995

Private Session (5 total) 2 $265

*See Refund Policy Below

Travel Notes


The nearest regional airport is Alamosa, which is about 1 hour south of Crestone. You will need to arrange ground transportation (car rental or taxi/shuttle service) to get from Alamosa to Crestone.

There are also airports in Colorado Springs (3 hours), Denver (4 hours) and Albuquerque (5 hours). There is a daily bus service between Denver and Alamosa, which stops in Moffat. You can use the local taxi/shuttle services to get from Moffat to Crestone (25 minutes).

Car Rentals at Alamosa Airport

Budget Car Rental: call 719-589-0103
L & M Automobile Rental: call 719-589-4651

Local Taxis and Shuttle Service

Windhorse Transportation & Tours: call (719) 256-4091
Little Stinkers Taxi, Alamosa: call (719) 589-2500

Daily Bus Service: Denver-Moffat-Alamosa

Arrow/Black Hills Stage Lines: call (877) 779-2999

Denver at 1:40pm > Moffat at 6pm
Moffat at 7:00am > Denver at 11:15am

Refund Policy

Before July 4th, 2015, $150 processing fee subtracted. No refund after July 4th.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in your registration fees. All meals served on this retreat are vegetarian. We are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions such as dairy-free and gluten-free. Please make sure to indicate if you have any dietary restrictions after you register by emailing Kelly Sosan Bearer with your needs at kelly[at]blackplumproductions[dot]org.

What to Bring

We suggest you bring a hat, sunscreen, moisturizing cream & layered comfortable clothing, water bottle, journal/pen, and a flashlight. Also bring a jacket for cool evenings of stargazing & a bathing suit for the hot springs. Bring ceremonial & celebratory clothes to dance in & please do not forget to bring your Yoga Mat (it will not be provided).

Ride Shares

You are responsible for securing your travel to and from the Crestone Mountain Zen Center. Each year, many women organize a carpool from the Boulder/Denver area. If you are driving up to Crestone and have room in your car for another woman, please let us know. We’ll match you up with a woman in need of a ride.