Buddhayana Yoga Digital Downloads – Now for iPad, iPhone, Android & Kindle

Buddhayana Yoga:
The Yogic Art of Sitting, Standing, & Walking

Over 13 Hours of Yoga Practice Available for iPad, iPhone, Android & Kindle

In the Zen tradition it is noted that “sitting, standing and walking” are the greatest tests of one’s true awareness or awakeness. This seven-week digital yoga series will unfold out of the heart of this understanding. The Hatha Yoga will progress through a series of asana and pranayama practices all centered in a strongly concentrated state, designed to serve the bodily freedoms to “sit, stand and walk” with perfect awareness.

Never Leave Home Without Your Yoga Practice

At the office, on a business trip, or with the family on vacation, never leave home without your yoga practice. You’re busy and life seems to be speeding up in every direction. Can’t make it to yoga class today? Don’t worry, with over 13 hours of digital yoga practice now available for your tablet, phone, or mobile device, you can keep your yoga practice in your back pocket to access anytime you need it.

Two Ways to Engage for Beginners and Advanced Practitioners Alike

Whether your new to yoga or a long-term practitioner, Buddhayana Yoga is scalable to meet all levels and needs. Try the Beginner version first and then ramp up to the Advanced version to get the most out of your practice hours. Or take the deep dive and plunge into the Advanced version head and feet first to push your practice edge. Either way, you’ll be sitting, standing, and walking with true awareness and awakeness in no time!

Meet Sofia Diaz

Sofia Diaz is a hatha yoga master, a lineage holder in the Balasaraswati lineage of the South Indian temple arts and a recipient of numerous meditation empowerments in both Tibetan and Shakta Tantric traditions. She turns the body wisdom practices she is empowered in into accessible teachings and practices for the modern western mind. Being an inspired woman practitioner, the rigors of her practice have resulted in great clarity and expertise in the domain of Feminine Spiritual practice, which she has been generously teaching for over 30 years. She has published writings on yoga and sacred movement in both academic and popular journals and travels frequently, teaching women’s yoga intensives throughout the world.

What You’ll Receive…

In this rare offering by Sofia Diaz, you’ll receive over 13 hours of digital yoga practice available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. No longer are you tied to your computer to engage your digital yoga practice. With our new audiobook version, you can download the entire series to any one of your mobile devices. Practice is just a click away!


*Please note, this entire series is audio only. There are no videos for this course.

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