Sofia Diaz is a hatha yoga master, a lineage holder in the Balasaraswati lineage of the South Indian temple arts and a recipient of numerous meditation empowerments in both Tibetan and Shakta Tantric traditions. She turns the body wisdom practices she is empowered in into accessible teachings and practices for the modern western mind. Being an inspired woman practitioner, the rigors of her practice have resulted in great clarity and expertise in the domain of Feminine Spiritual practice, which she has been generously teaching for 30+ years. She has published writings on yoga and sacred movement in both academic and popular journals and travels frequently, teaching women’s yoga intensives throughout the world.

What Others are Saying…

“This sacred retreat ignites the power of transformation. Sofia holds a container that is so strong during these retreats, I find myself mining depths of my being that are not possible under most circumstances. I have done this retreat seven times – and each time is exquisitely different. Through a cast of ritual, practice and presence, Sofia shines her particular genius for noticing the deepest of points of avoidance, resistance and/or emotional muck within her students. She literally lays a path for opening and growth, which it is up to us to explore. The experience of a retreat with Sofia at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center carries the potent of magic.”Nikki Dunas, Crestone, CO

“Being with Sofia and the work she entices out of our depths is such a nourishing experience, shared with the loving presence and process of all the women that come together in Crestone under the magical dome of poetic devotion to life.” Una Laffan, United Kingdom

“I most cherish Sofia. She is a living diety, a fierce heart and gentle soul who meets whomever she is interacting with every cell alert and alive. She inspires me every day to do yoga. I can’t wait to see her and the other women again.”Susan Black, MC Kean, PA

“It’s amazing what Sofia can do. It’s what she constantly does with opposites…she’s one of the few spiritual teachers who incorporates the downsides of life with the upsides, who doesn’t do inter-spiritual Kumba Ya, who combines strength with ethics, who doesn’t hide but is present and real. I need a booster shot.” Joanne Rubin, NY, NY