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The Gesture of Being: The Embodiment of Light

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A Co-ed Retreat of REAL Yoga with Sofia Diaz

August 17-22, 2019   •   Blazing Mountain Retreat Center  •   Crestone Colorado

Come join us for a Co-ed Retreat of REAL Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Relational Yoga, and Raja Yoga - All taught under the roof of Bhakta - devotion - to swim in the divine ocean of our unfettered nature.

Have you ever noticed that a human being is a 5 pointed star? Leonardo Da Vinci did. We don’t end at our fingertips, or at our toes, and especially not at the top of our head.

Being alive is a conscious choice. Being the gesture of light we already are, is to love absolutely. This is not easy, but it is actually our very nature as humans.

In this age of the domain of abstracted light that is the internet, our feeling capacity becomes confused as it moves us into mind and inner emotional churn, instead of into our being-ness. This makes loving more difficult, and makes discriminating between our experience and anybody else’s a greater mystery than it even was to begin with.

To touch is the answer. To feel, to be moved at the heart and then know what to do with that real and present feeling/energy/light of being human, is your birthright. Instead of this being obvious and easy, it has become abstracted and distant in these times of so much artificial light.

Take a fast from your phone, your email, your projected face in all the social spaces that aren’t your body, and learn to breathe the feeling of being. Come be your free-est, not alone or lonely, but in the good company of those dedicated to real practice. Grow and soothe your nervous system though immersion into this generous love-wisdom and deep dedication.

This is the 19th year Sofia has brought Real Yoga Retreat to the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Crestone, Colorado. Our venue, the Dharma Ocean Retreat Center, is a profound setting for practice, and respite. Sofia and her team are uncommonly skilled and dedicated to real life transformation and rapidly unbinding limiting self-habits.

Miraculous grace is falling into this moment right now. Each one of us is incomprehensibly complex and miraculously perfect, yet we tend to not feel this because of the technological distractions and we can use a little bit of entrainment with the heart-centered truth of bodily-being. Relationships, all of them, get easy and even sublime when you come to peace with the currents of life that are living you.

REAL Yoga, good company, the blessing of being in a place of deep ageless wisdom, and the spirit of celebrating the miracle of life we don’t always notice, could do all souls some good!

Come, let go. Go deep into trusted hands and dive into the mystery of the love-light that we are. You CAN feel much much more, and let the power of life live you more fully. It's only a hair's-breadth away from right now!

$2,250 All-Inclusive Residential Coed Yoga Retreat
$1,980 for returning participants with early registration before July 8, 2019

This is the first time in years that Sofia has offered an extended Co-ed Yoga Retreat, and it is the only one she is scheduled to offer in 2019. We encourage you to apply early. Plan to arrive after 2pm for check-in, dinner, and orientation on Saturday, August 17, and to depart the morning of Thursday, August 22.

For more information contact the event sponsor Christopher Sunyata at